Discover the secrets that have helped thousands of couples reignite their passion and create Ageless Love in their marriages. 
Do you want to... 
  • Turn back the hands of time and reignite your passion for each other and for your own life? 
  • Truly understand and love your partner at the deepest levels?
  • Understand the science and spirituality of romantic partnerships?

Experience ongoing passionate love with a vibrant body filled with bliss and joy.

Discover the Secrets That Have Unlocked Ageless Love And Passion For Thousands of Couples.
Order your copy of Ageless Love today, and you will learn:
  • Practical applications of the latest technologies and techniques to create a vital and youthful body at any age.
  • ​The truth about how couples grow and change over time, and how to navigate these changes in a way that supports your relationship and your growth as an individual.
  • ​How to apply quantum mechanics to your relationship and create a new future that fulfills your deepest desires.
. . . all in the same relationship. It is an EXTRAORDINARY challenge!
Grateful For Having Faced My Dragon and Attracted Major Media Outlets
Ageless Love shares pearls of wisdom from Drs. Barbara’s and Michael’s 50 years of marriage, 40 years in clinical practice, and 35 years of teaching marriage enrichment classes and meditation. 

Jennifer Landa, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD
Author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women
Very inspiring! Ageless Love reveals the physiology of love, the physics of love and metaphysics of love, and the practical steps needed for a passionate, ever-evolving romantic partnership.

Nick Delgado, Ph.D.

Author of 
Mastering Love, Sex & Intimacy
Ageless Love is really three powerful books in one. It not only gives you the knowledge and skills to have deep, long-lasting, intimate relationships but also how to create a life you truly love...


Bestselling Author &
Founder of 'Yes to Success'


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How Is Ageless Love Different?

A note from the desk of Dr. Michael Grossman:

When my wife and I were trying to navigate our issues, we tried EVERYTHING.   

And what we found was couples counseling was not helpful.

Just talking about problems was like throwing oil on a fire. Many counselors do not know about couples counseling which requires a very different skillset from the counselor.

That’s why we wrote ‘Ageless Love,’ to give you the benefit of our years of seeing clients and conducting courses for 35 years on relationship skills required to fall in love forever.

The truth is, almost every couple struggles, and almost every struggle can be solved.  

But to make it past relational hurdles requires specific skills. And that is what ‘Ageless Love’ will give you.

Inside our book, you’ll discover all of the skills, mindsets, and tools that will help you... 

Grow your love... 

Experience a deeper spiritual connection with your partner and... 

Unlock the passion, sex, and love you truly desire!

But you need to know this! Building a lasting love takes time, focus, and work. It doesn’t come easy.  

And, I’m going to share a little secret with you.

‘Ageless Love’ isn’t just a book! It’s more than that.

‘Ageless Love’ is 50 years of lessons condensed into one book… It’s 50 years of understanding romance and the struggles, arguments, hurdles… all lovingly placed into a lifeline for struggling couples who refuse to give up.  

It’s essential skills needed to save any couple from becoming a divorce statistic!

If you aren’t ready to quit on your love, then this book is for you!

So, claim yours now...  

I Refuse To Give Up On MY Love!

  • Are you tired of fighting with your partner?
  • Do you feel like you cannot be open and honest with them? 
  • Do you find you’re going in opposite directions
  • Do you struggle with feeling unappreciated and resentful?
  • Does one of you always have to be right and you feel dominated?

how will ‘Ageless love’ work for me?

Living Ageless Love means that you feel physical youthfulness and vitality throughout your physical life on this earthly plane. Further, it means you feel emotionally connected to love and joy with your partner, personal relationships in general, and connection to a higher, spiritual power.

Inside Ageless Love...

You will learn very practical skills to open your heart and expand your experience of yourself spiritually, so that you will be an even bigger blessing to your partner, your children, and extended family, as well as to your community and the world.

Forever Love Skills™ will help you experience a priceless transformation and LEARN...

  • How to manage conflicts 
  • How to maintain peace
  • ​How to work together as a team 
  • ​How to remove and heal resentment
  • ​How to improve connections and communication 

We Guarantee This Book Will Change Your Life!

We Guarantee This Book Will Change Your Life!

No matter how many arguments you’ve had. No matter how close you are to giving up.  

If you are willing to grow together, ‘Ageless Love’ will help you.
But if you put in the time and it doesn’t…

Or if you get this book and feel like there is no way it will help…

Or you absolutely hate it…

We are giving you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Just send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll send a full refund. No questions asked!  

The worst-case scenario is you end up in the same position you’re in now… with no less money and no different feelings.

Either way, there is no risk to you!

But, ask yourself this… if it does work, what would that look like?

Imagine it, relational bliss, deeper connection.

Claim Your Copy to
Experience Ageless Love With Your Partner Now!

In Ageless Love, you will discover the heart-centered scientific approach to regaining trust, respect, and love to bring a new type of relationship into these times of great change.

Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D.

Founder/Inventor/Author: BrainTapTechnologies
Ageless Love opens you to the new world of science and spirituality as seen through romantic relationship. It is a wonderful gift for couples and a wonderful resource for clergy who do marital counseling.

Kay Lindahl, CLP 

Author of 
The Sacred Art of Listening
Ageless Love is filled with treasures in each section of Mind, Body, Spirit. The reader is taken on a journey guided by deep insights based on the doctors’ many years of clinical practice, meditation instruction, and teaching marriage classes.

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

Affiliated Distinguished Faculty, Calif. Institute of Integral Studies
Co-Author of Personal Mythology
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